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Our infant program provides a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment fostering all areas of children's development. Our Head Teachers and co-teachers implement yoga, sign language, music & movement, and outdoor play each day. As communication is the key ingredient, our early childhood educators provide you with daily verbal and written reports.


Our toddler program is designed to promote each child's growing independence, to enhance their social skills, and prepare them with the academic skills they need to enter preschool.  We provide a balance of activities allowing each child to explore the world around them.  The toddlers love spending time outdoors as they take in the beautiful nature all around them.   They especially enjoy  going on nature walks to see what wildlife they will discover. 


To ensure our children are fully prepared to enter Kindergarten, our preschool program incorporates a blend of teaching styles - Reggio, Montessori and Traditional Teaching methods. We also implement the Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework focusing on the following areas of development:

  • Personal & Social Development
  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Creative Expression & Aesthetic Development

Our Teachers

  • We have several certified head teachers on site each day.
  • Our teachers are CPR & First Aid Certified.
  • We are licensed to administer medication.
  • We offer ongoing training to ensure all teachers exceed the continuing education requirements.

Customer Testimonials

Bunny Village is a Pre-K sanctuary tucked away in rural Bethany.  The center provides an atmosphere conducive to learning and to the positive development of its students.  As an educator myself, I am satisfied that my daughter spends her days being nurtured and taught at Bunny Village.  She seems so happy that it is difficult at times to get  her to leave at the end of the day.  That's a comforting sign for a parent.


I can’t say enough about the positive environment at Bunny Village and the great affect it has been having on Mark.  He can'’t wait to go to school every morning, waves to Bunny Village as we pass by on weekends, and sometimes calls me “Miss Melissa” at home!  After having seen what Mark has gained from BUNNY VILLAGE, I would encourage parents to enroll their kids here, especially if they have an only child.  Mark is my greatest joy and blessing, and the fact that I can leave him in such a safe and nurturing environment where I can call any time of day allows me to actually enjoy going to work!  Melissa works to help each child on his or her own level, and gives each parent a written report at the end of the day.  I really feel like we are working as a team, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found this place!  I would go as far as to revise that oft repeated African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” to read “it takes “Bunny Village…”!!!!

-Stacey and Mike”

Best place to ever send your children! Most amazing staff and owners, who are dedicated to early childhood learning. My youngest has been with this organization since he was 6 weeks old. And I couldn't have asked for him to be in better hands. 

Melissa Swan has revolutionized the daycare setup/environment/concentration. Making parents feel more at ease with their day away from their children. 

You would definitely be missing out if you didn't at least come check out their facilities! 


Bunny Village is such a positive and social learning environment for our son, Austin.  Miss Melissa is warm and friendly, very caring, and enjoys each child.  The daily projects and circle time are our son's favorites!  He loves to tell us the books they read and the songs they sing.  Miss Melissa focuses on both the essential social skills of the preschool age group as well as teaching pre-academic skills.  We are so thankful we found Bunny Village!  As Austin says, "Yeah! It's a Bunny Village Day!"

Holly and Rob

As a mother of an infant,   I am very pleased with the level of care and treatment that my daughter receives everday at Bunny Village.  The staff are warm, friendly and attentive to my child's every need.   The staff are very skilled and detailed about the care of my child.   I felt very comfortable from the first day I arrived at the center with my daughter and the level of care continues to be superb!  The environment is always clean, and very pleasant.   The staff at Bunny Village are committed and dedicated to the care of children and that's what I love about this wonderful daycare center.    


~Carla G.  Mother of baby Gabby~

Your staff, facility and everything you have provided since Andrew was 6 weeks old has been nothing but completely professional, caring, and overly satisfactory.  You have helped me as a parent to feel comfortable and at ease with taking my child to daycare while away and working, which is amazing thing to not have to constantly worry about the care of your child all day long and be ensured that they are being well taken care of and safe.  I will recommend Bunny Village to anyone I encounter seeking child care.  


My daughter Rikki Rhiannon has been attending Bunny Village for almost 2 years. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all of the staff for their outstanding skills as teachers/caregivers! 

My daughter was assessed for Pre-K at The Bethany Community School and did outstanding as far as testing goes. I was absolutely amazed at how much she knew and what the Staff had taught her; to prepare her for this day.

I would recommend anyone with a small child to enroll him/her into Bunny Village. The staff is very friendly and it is evident how much they care for all the children here! The curriculum is outstanding!

Thanks again to all of the staff members involved with Rikki's education. You are all wonderful!!!!!


"When I drop my son off at Bunny Village Learning Center each morning, I leave happy and relaxed.  I know that my child is in great hands with the Bunny Village staff.  My son is safe, nurtured, loved and encouraged when he is at school.  The teachers have taken such a personal, caring interest in him, and they ALWAYS  seem so cheerful  and positive toward the parents and the kids.  They keep me informed of anything I need to know about my child's progress and they ALWAYS stop to chat with me.  I love this place!  I would recommend it to ANYONE!"

-Lisa (Ethan, 4)

It is bittersweet to have my daughter move on to Kindergarten.  She has had such a great experience with all of you and has learned so much in her time at the center.  As parents we greatly appreciate the loving environment and stability that everyone provides to the children on a daily basis.  We could not have asked for more!  A heartfelt thanks to you, Melissa and all of your staff for your time and dedication to Helayna over the past 3 years!




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